Wednesday Wonders


Thought I would share some midweek Blog love, as I have been neglectful of you guys lately. Here's two I'm loving right now.

This one is for a band called Grouplove. I'm completely obsessed by them at the moment. Particularly a song called Colours. This blog is called Group Livin. It follows them through their short but fruitful existence. I would definitely recommend you give them a listen and look into how they met. Lovely wee story.


These images are from the sfgirlbybay blog. I have yet to find out why its called this. but the tag line says -bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl- I suppose that was the first two letters mean. Its a beautiful blog, full of wonderful finds and interesting photos. I love when i stumble upon a blog that makes me want to sit and look at it for hours. This one will be a favourite for a while i can tell.

Short and sweet. {I'd say like me if it were true} hope you're all having a lovely week. Almost half way through May. Where has time passed.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥