Thursdays Thought


 Since starting my new day job I have been less into making and more into planning and writing and drawing which isn't a bad thing really. Coz it prevents me rushing into things. I want to make quality items and develop a style of my own.

However I think for now I might make for myself. For our flat and friends. I don't seem to be selling an awful lot at the moment. Now I have another income I can afford to take a step back and re-think what I'm doing. I want to develop my skills. Such as making clothes and using my sewing machine effectively. I also want to spend time on drawing. If i can set myself some personal skill goals then maybe I will feel more confident to approach shops to sell my items. I'm hoping by Christmas time I will acquire ultimate handmade skills.

What are your personal goals? Do you feel you must take time out and develop your existing skills? I hope I find my mojo again soon. I think a break from pressuring myself to make things will help. Make for me instead.

Here's the inspiration images I have found.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥