Studio Gossip...


I thought i would share a few things I have been up to the past week.

Yesterday I finally got round to using this fabric I have had hanging about since Christmas. I wanted to make a wall hanging for our bedroom for ages. And I love the features of this fabric. The woods and the bird houses make it feel oddly cozy. simple way of covering a wall with a feature. Doesn't need to be Art.

Got a bit of a psychedelic vibe going on in the flat recently. I wanted to replace our kitchen blind for ages so decided this fabric would be the best choice. This photo does it no justice. When the sun comes up in the morning the colours and light are a sight to be seen.

 I found some vintage place matt's {green floral pattern} in the charity shop for a few quid. I'm all about finding vintage kitchen things right now. Cant have enough floral jugs or teacups, can you? I also made some of my own place matt's out of some vibrant fabric. lovely.

 I got excited as one of my adopted plants has bloomed this corker of a flower. Very proud of Doris. {don't we all name our plants}

Sneak peak at some new patterns i'm currently trying out. Got to love the triangles.

 And finally, i have been busy making Friendship bracelets. I'm still to decide what to do with them but they are immense fun to make.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥