Friday Fun

Just a quick post to say hello and things ive spotted over the past fews days.


Le Petit Elefant. This site is so cute and lovely. she does drawings and plushes and animations. I love the name of it too. I want to make one of those big plush monsters as a floor cushion.


Bird Mafia. This Etsy shop is lovely. I'm in love with animal prints and anything kind of cute. Well worth a look.


This is another superbly cute Etsy shop. I particularly love the bunny scarves.I want one for the winter.


Etsy How-To Tuesday: Pin prick cards tutorial
I love this idea. I need to make a bunch of birthday cards for people {i love making personal cards for people} And this is going to be used for sure.

From Papernstitch Mulberry {handmade} paper photo printing
I love this idea. So simple but makes such a nice effect

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have a rare Saturday off so catching up with a friend and the BF.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥