Leafy Garland Tutorial


This is my first 'make' so bear with me. It's dead simple. Took me about half an hour. Firstly what you will need.
- Scissors
- Scrap fabric, enough to cut into 2 inch leaf shapes. and coloured felt is optional.
- Buttons. I used them to add a bit of weight to the garland and make a nice detail.
- Ribbon. preferably a few metres long depending on how long you would like your Garland to be.
- Needle and Thread. To attach leaves to the ribbon. Or if you prefer find a good glue.
- An optional item is thin Foam sheeting or thin card. I used it to make my flimsy fabric more shaped and add weight to the Garland. {This takes a little time to prepare therefore it is advisable to do this prior to the make}

Step 1
Choose your fabrics. {prep on to Foam or card if needed} And cut into leaf type shapes. I went free hand on this but if you like, make a small template to work from. In this stage I also added buttons using fabric glue. 

Step 2
 Arrange leaves in sequince you are happy with.

Step 3
Using the Needle and thread sew the leaves into the ribbon with a simple stitch and secure.

Step 4
Repeat Step 3 until you have the length you like and you are happy with your lovely leafy Garland. Hang in a pretty place for all to admire.

Now that wasn't too hard. This making lark is rather fun. Hope you enjoyed.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥