Thursdays Thought


Charity Shops


We all have ideas about what makes a good charity shop. What you look for varies as well. They have changed since when i was little. Being dragged round with my mum. I did love it though, inside at least. Our family wasn't well off or had ideals of having to have nice new things. I think looking back i can completely see what kind of person that has made me.

As a crafty person, i like to get inspired. This is why charity shops are great. Most of my beginnings of crafting involved clothes found for cheap as chips. I found over the last few months. hobby items such as knitting, has become more rare to find in some of my favourite spots. It's made me worried that in a few more months that charity shops might become these clinical places where they only accept certain things. I rarely enjoy a trip to a popular retail clothing shop as it is without my source of unique clothes and other objects turning into a one stop shop. I want to see charity shops full to the brim with things so i can dig my way through them.
It almost makes my teeth grind that 'vintage' and 'second hand' shopping have come into 'fashion', after years of doing so myself. I'm happy that other people are getting into it as well but it comes at a price. The items labelled now as 'vintage' and not just some old dress from the back of the closet has been priced almost 80% more than you would have paid a few years back. Of course it all goes to charity but is raising prices really going to make them money? I mean people who shop in these shops aren't well off, we established this, more students shop in them now days, for the fashion and to save money for other activities. These items would be more suited in actual vintage shops, e.g. Armstrongs in Edinburgh.

I asked a few friends what they like or dislike in a charity shop and the answer were pretty tame compared to my worries. Maybe I don't like change or I liked it as my own little thing, but love the fact I can discuss finds with others. I think sometimes going to other towns to look for treasures with my Eagle eye helps me keep faith. I have found some brilliant items in Ayr and North Berwick. 

I think deep down my passion towards the change in charity shops is down to the fact I really want to open a thrift shop full of treasure. I also have deep shop envy for Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and her lovely vintage inspired shop. I would love to have a nice craft section where I can sell items on behalf of friends. It's not a massive dream but something I would love to do in the future. Even if i end up with a stall somewhere I would love it.

How do you feel about Charity shops? What is the most amazing find you have ever found that is second hand? If you feel like I do and get all excited at the sight of a box of old books or bargain clothes, then please get in touch. I need to know there is love out there for a brilliant resource. I love to share my finds on here so keep looking to catch my finds.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥