Thrifty Finds: April


Happy Easter Weekend {for me it's just another weekend}. I've had quite a good full week and am glad to be relaxing today. finally getting round to doing some personal projects. I thought I would share a few of the great charity shop and found objects finds I have made recently, and some I have had for a while but still love.

Firstly I found this lovely wee Teapot yesterday for £2.99. I have been after one for ages. It is made in Japan, hence the style, and is in perfect condition. Cant wait to make a brew later on. I also found Pride and Prejudice for 50p. I am looking for all the classics I didn't have to read at school, therefore making them more enjoyable. And finally this wee cup n saucer I found in the closet in our block hallway. Left by a past tenant. It goes well with the teapot I think and cost me nothing, only needed a good wash out. I'm happy.

This has to be my ultimate find this month. A lovely sewing box. £5, not a total steal but I thought it was worth it. Vintage but undamaged, just a wee bit of characteristic discolouration. Its a good size as well. When I told people it was my first ever sewing box, they didn't believe me. I have never owned a proper sewing box. Just adoptive containers. I'm in love with this one.

This is a flook that I manged to pick up thinking it was just fabric. It is a half finished skirt. A little on the long side for my taste, but it has the elasticated waist band. All I need to do is decide on a length and sew it up.

I managed to get these two buttons for nothing along with the above skirt. Love the wee duck.

I love these two read-a-long records.  One for boys and girls. I love both films. cant wait to listen to them. paid 50p each. Bargain memories.

I love vinyl. the look of it is so classic. I want to decorate a whole wall in them.

These are cones of yarn I have collected over the years. ranging from 50p to £2 each. I sometimes mix them in with my ball yarns because they tend to be less strong on their own.

I'm pretty sure I paid 50p for this pretty gravy jug. I love the pattern. We use it for special dinners. 

I found 3 of these glasses in the same closet as the cup and saucer. Lovely brown tinged glass. I also found a small bowl in the same glass.

I remember buying this on one of my first outings with the BF to charity shops. I don't think he realised then how much I love quirky old kitchen stuff. It is made of glass with printed floral pattern and a plastic stopper on top. Can't wait to make Pimms in it next Friday.

I have already shared this, but it was such a good find. £1 from a  carboot sale. I already have a 1960s set and this is a 1970s set so I'm on the road to finding one from each decade at this rate. Love Spirograph. Hoping my kids will love it too. If I let them play with it.

I can't wait to get out and find more things for May. Its my favourite thing to do. I'm so glad its Carboot season again. Have a good weekend folks.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥