Sunday I'm In Love...


If like me and you live in the UK you will have been enjoying the rare sight of the sun the best you can. Sorry if you had to work, I feel the pain. Yesterday {Saturday} myself and the BF ditched our plan to go to the beach, and decided to stay closer to home because the temperature was going to be much more lush inland. We often frequent Lindean Reservoir, especially when the weather turns and its either coming into Summer or turning into Autumn. Its a lovely place to walk around. So, we packed up a picnic and headed there expecting it to be mobbed with fishermen or bird watchers, but to our surprise it was completely deserted. We planted ourselves on the wee pier and bathed in the suns rays. The only people we saw all day were these two older women out for a walk and gossip. It was amazing. Here's my favourite photos {processed using Picnik}

 When we got back we decided we couldn't just sit inside, so we got out our wee BBQ we bought last year and had never used yet. I soon became Head chef as BF lounged after his strenuous assault of making burgers. I was also suffering the after effects of too much sun too soon. But it was good to finally have a BBQ in our shared garden. The other people who live round it own their properties so we often feel a little weird about going out but it is shared and I felt like it was kind of our right to use the area too. It was a gorgeous evening as well.

Really had a lovely weekend. Today {Sunday} we went along to the local Carboot and found ourselves some bargains. I found a lovely collection of owl ornaments which were 20p each. I wish i had bought the lot now. And also found a 1970s Spirograph which I'm chuffed with because I got one from the 60s for my Christmas of BF parents. Might try and find one from each decade.

Anyway after walking about in my flip flops all weekend my foot started to pinch and feel achy. After today's jaunt it has completely given up on me. Every step is a struggle. I'm hoping it just needs rest. So i am just in bed resting it on a hot water bottle {I know I'm mad in this weather but it really hurts and i don't think ice will help as it isn't swollen}. I wasn't planning on doing anything in particular tomorrow but if it doesn't get any better i think i might need to go to the hospital to check. Fingers crossed I don't.

 Enough of my Woes. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥