Have been a bit quiet this week. For no reason in particular but I think I have had a bit of writers block on the old blog side. And also I  have been made Camera-less. Well 'good' camera less by the BF's need to take all the lenses with him to work 'incase' he needs them. The one week I have been making a lot of things I like. The camera i have is alright but once you have used an SLR there is no going back. The benefits of a good camera is that your subject never looks rubbish. I couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off so each photo was getting a nice unwanted glare, also from me.

On the other hand the weather has been brilliant here in Scotland. It really is exciting if the sun stays out longer than an hour. So much so, myself and the BF planned a trip to the beach on Thursday aimed for today (Saturday) but with extensive research of chosen area for trip we decided it would be less warm out there so opted to stay inland and have a picnic and take photos, and maybe even hold a BBQ later on with our neighbours, who don't know about it yet, whom are moving next week.

So all in all. Had a nice week. Usual pitfalls and creative ups and downs. Will report more when I have had time to write all out nicely and less spontaneous. Maybe this post has unplugged my writers blog. feels like a kind of diary entry that no-one will red ever, but has made me feel better.

Have a lovely weekend.  ♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥♥