5 things I Love Tuesday...


This weeks Tuesday blog is interior based. I came across a load of fantastic Kiddies rooms, the best places in the world is a kids playroom. So creative. love these.  And other bits a pieces I Love.
The colours and patterns are beautiful.

Toadstool and Bambi
I would Love a caravan. And this glamorous setting makes me want one even more.

This has to be my favourite. I Love print and of course owls. This collection of prints and patterns make my eyes drool. I want it all.

{sources unknown, sorry I lost them. decor8 is a possibility}

Cute prints. {I'm terrible with sources}

I love this egg. I wish i could paint this well. I really want to paint eggs for Easter though.

Finally please someone get me some farm animals and safari animals so i can make a wee display like this. I want to have a themed shelf  full of animals like this. 

I want to make this. 
{sorry about my lack of sources, really embarrassed that I cannot find them}
This week i feel a flare of creativity coming but yesterday {Monday} I felt extra tired and lacking energy so I tidied my craft room and made proper space to work. loads of sort out. Hoping to have a more fruitful day Today. Been trying to keep up with housework and other commitments. Crazy past week. I'll keep you all posted.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥


  1. Love that first pic... what a fab rug! Wish my room had been that fun as a kid :)

    (For sources, might be worth trying www.tineye.com/ as you can enter your pic in and it can find you the source... sometimes).

  2. thanks. I usually bookmark them but i must have had a clear out before i used the images id saved also. I'll try that and update it :)


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