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Letter writing. A lost Art, or a lost Cause? I cant remember the last time i sat down and wrote to someone. I used to think that emailing was black magic. It was considered cool to have an email address, i got my first one 10 years ago. It was the instant letter.  Now you can't go a day without texting someone or recieving a message via a social network site. It's all so 'in demand' that you give immediate attention and respond pronto because it is instant after all. I get tired of having communication links wired directly to you. My mother used to say the same and she was right!

Back in the day you could go to a gig or organise a meeting place in the park to hang out with friends without  needing to text each other first. Are we allowing our phones to control the way we socialise? Yes!!! Social networks are great for keeping in touch, but what if these relationships aren't meant to last, the natural course has run but is being forced by Facebook. But even I have found myself relying on them for contact with people I actually want to know. If you don't have people to talk to everyday i can understand the support it gives you. But only to a certain level. 

I would rather not know where you are at every moment of your day. I dont mind Twitter because it allows me to not just talk to myself all day but to anyone willing to read that I am eating a cheese sandwich. You can't take it too seriously. Because there are millions of people out there tweeting far worse and more often than you. Facebook on the other hand. I could do without the hundreds of updates that are irrelivant to me or chain messages posted up by naive users thinking that it actually makes a difference that if they post a status about bullying it will help prevent it.

Not to stray too far off the point. I think that a lot of people today have become lazy to write in general, myself included. I have tried to write out pieces for my blog on paper before putting it on here, and I find it really hard. Picking up a pen and writing a paragraph is really hard if you have nothing to say. You have already typed out your thoughts in a facebook note or emailed a friend telling them about your week, it's just too easy. Why not pick up pen, find that address of an old friend you miss, and write them a letter. Doesnt have to be earth shattering news. It's nice to recieve a letter in the post. It's my favourite thing in the world. 

 Jazz up your pens with this tutorial from One Pearl Button.


A great idea for a DIY journal from A Beautiful Mess. Sometimes it helps to get writing using images as a start point.


  1. one of my favourite things about blogging is that I've started writing letters to people all over the world, I forgot how great it was to recieve post lol.

    I hear you about facebook though - there are friendships on there I have that would definitey have run their course if it wasn't for that :/


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