Sunday I'm In Love...


It's almost Easter again. These cross stitch eggs are really cute and i wouldn't just display them at Easter.

Love these photos. Makes me happy to welcome in spring.

I love this cushion from MyMimi


Love this site of street art. These three make me smile the most.  Street Art Utopia

Bridal web page called Every Last Detail. These photos caught my eye. Love the colours and the simplicity of the bride. Beautiful.


I came across these photos the other day. Weird and wonderful images from the past. I wonder who submitted these. Love strange photos with a story you'll just never know.

This woman is a bit crazy she is doing 365: a book a day. Basically making a book everyday. Dedication. My favourite and most likely to try is this one. How simple does this look. I want to make my own sketchbook and here how i will do it.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Loobyroux x