Sketch at my sketchbooks

I have took inspiration from a friend who posted parts of his sketchbook work from what he is doing on his course. I haven't really done this in a while. Firstly i want to show what i have been doing in my personal sketchbook then i have a wee online course thing to show you, which i did last year, which is starting again soon and i think anyone creative should have a good at it.

Now on to the Creative Bootcamp (you can find the link to the side of my blog) I did last year. Its totally free and simple. you can do whatever you want with it. Whether you want to improve your drawing or photography or need a starting point for making a craft object. The idea is you are given a word and motivation each day and you work to it. I didn't quite make it through every single word but there is no grade at the end so you can take as long as you want or skip parts. But anyway here's what i did. I focused on painting and drawing...



                                              Heavy Metal