Saturday Job


I came across this article online yesterday via a Twitter post and it made me think of an interesting post idea. Saturday Job. I want to look at workplaces I would love to work in at least for one day a week, hence Saturday job.

You don't get to see the inside of workplaces often, unless its your own job obviously. Especially places that you would Love to work. Places that make your job look like, well in order not to offend, the worse place you can think of. If you are human you usually would prefer to work some where else anyway, unless you have your dream job already then that's perfectly fine, the rest of us can dream and ponder about a much better place of work.

As a creative person, collective artist studios make me drool. I love walking into an artists studio and just seeing piles of stuff that I have never seen before. I'm like a child in a sweetie shop. Saying that, I'm the same when i go to my favourite art supplies shop. But to look through someone else's work space, see their way of thinking, how their train of thought develops into a painting or a piece of craft is just immense. It's part of what inspires me, as you can tell from my blog, I love looking at what other people are doing, and this gets my creatives juices flowing.

I would love to work in a studio. The opportunity alone would be amazing. When i attended college, myself and two others used to do ' work experience' at the local Textiles University. I say 'work' loosely as it was nothing like work. It was great. We got full run of the print room for an afternoon. I absolutely loved it. I think it is also what kind of go me passionate about fabrics and the way they are made. Especially appreciation of the work going into handmade works. The idea that whatever you design you can transfer that onto a piece of fabric. It is kind of a dream for me. To eventually build up a studio with my own printing area. I will aspire to become one of those boho creatives making Batik and Tie dye clothing in my middle ages.

So coming across this article and a chance to look round the Etsy office/studio space was really fascinating. You have ideas in your head about what the work place looks like. It could be really stuffy and plain or really wacky. It's all about the way they communicate to you. And gladly it was the latter. Love this office space. It is just so visually pleasing and full of ideas. It represents correctly what they are all about. I like the doodle wall, the style of drawings outlining what they support. I love the Red Telephone box telephone room, that's a nice touch. And you have go to love the crocheted air vent warmer. It just so eclectic, and that's all that is needed.

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