5 things I Love Tuesday...



I really want to make these. Don't have any magnets on our fridge. Would brighten it up. This tutorial from Curbly is simple.


I had no idea these existed but aren't they gorgeous. I'm going to make my own even to clip on to dresses instead of a necklace. Tutorial here by Style Crush.


Videos like this make me wish i had a weaving Loom.

 DHOKU Loom rugs are lovely.

 I love this Paper Fox mask from WhipUp.net.


I love these. Cute food. I cant wait to make fake food for my kids. Though I'm pretty sure i will make some before then.

Not feeling great today. Hopefully be better by midweek otherwise I'll go mad. And I have missed so many runs I feel a tad miserable. I have got a few things to keep me occupied while in my sick bed. Lets hope i can keep up with my blog posts.