whats That Etsy All About Then

I am familiar with online market places. More so since opening my Folksy Shop last year. I have often thought about the rival site Etsy, an American based site that has grown in interest to crafters over here in the last few years.  i hadn't heard about them until i started to make my own items and sites like these offered themselves up as inspiration and the kind of items i should be making to get noticed.

However much I've become familiar with Folksy. Etsy remains a mystery. I want to know why i chose one over the other. I want to grow to love this Alien like place which scared me off. I managed to make an account, and listed something that wouldn't be bought but just to see how it worked. I think i found it complicated especially in terms of costs and pricing. Its all calculated in dollars before its converted into Stirling. I also think it is a wider, more competitive market where you need to be loud and able to shout about your items.

This is how Wikipedia describes the average seller

mostly sold by women, who tend to be college-educated and in their twenties and thirties

I’m not entirely sure where they got this information. Did they ask Etsy for this info or did they just assume. I’ll never know, but I’m sure just about anyone sells on Etsy. And out of 7 million users i doubt they can categorise who uses it this simply As long as they have an idea, a product and customer service skills.

I have to admit i rarely look round Etsy. Only if a link leads me there do i find myself there. So to avoid shame, I've had a look about the site for the first time of my own accord. And it is surprisingly easy to use. Unlike folksy it categorises the item your looking for into genres such as for example. Owl illustration into Art down to home wares, i know folksy does this as well but using words placed there by the sellers not the categories. A good way to shop quickly and easier to find the sub category. Also the layout is left based, which is where the eyes usually look for info. If you think where your info and profile photo is on Facebook it makes sense.

I don't know if this is enough to convince me to sell from Etsy but i can see where the appeal to shop there comes in. I love Folksy but its layout really can get slow and muddled sometimes. i think maybe Etsy has been developed to suit the modern customer and also ease of browsing. Folksy maybe needs to have a think about its layout. forget about the sellers being all annoyed about the change. Think of the customer, is that not we crafters are all about.