Thursday's Photography Thoughts

Last night i got thinking about photos i have of myself and the BF. Because we both like photography and take photos together, we don't really have many photos of us together. I'd probably count about 5 in total. Not a great total. I'm sure there are photos of us out there sitting together in the background and such but none that are really about us.

Which got me thinking who would we get to take photos of us. We are so fussy and critical of photography style. And this lead me to think who would i get to photograph our wedding!!! Alarming thoughts really because someone has to do it. I really like the idea of giving out disposable cameras to tables, but who would photograph us.

Its definitely got me thinking about a lot of things I'd love to do with photography. As I was searching for photos for this Blog entry the BF started to think about if couples would like having photos sessions. Whether for engagements or just refresh their photos after a few years of marriage. Taken somewhere significant to them. We have already done a few weddings, and really enjoyed it, which probably fuels the fussy ideas we have about our own wedding, but also the ideas we have about doing photography for a living, or at least a sideline.

Its great when an idea like this comes about and we both get excited. A lot of thinking to do this weekend.

This is a photo i made of myself and the BF doing the Mooooose.

These photos are so cute. I like unusually settings and angles.

I took this photo in Eyemouth. What a cute old couple.

This is at Botanic Gardens. I like it coz its not extremely posed.
What style of photos do you prefer?