Sunday Im in love...

I absolutely adore this photo. source

An amazing dollhouse by Kiki Creates. source (blog)

New issue of Oh Comely is out soon. i cannot wait. I subscribe so its always a nice treat when it comes through the letterbox.

i love pulled pork. At weddings and festivals is where I've had the best of these. why cant they open a shop in every town with just this on the menu. source

I found this site Cat Photography the other day and every picture reminds me why i love cats and kittens. this photo in particular made me go 'aaaaaaaaaaaaawww' out loud. source

Bit of a rushed Sunday loves. Got a moment between making dinner and waiting for it all to cook in oven. Not been up to much this weekend. had a chilled out Saturday. Not got round to drawing anything yet *slaps wrist* though it is kind of down to the pens i have running out of ink. I ordered a new one which should arrive mid week. but i can still sketch out rough ideas.
anyway i hope you all had a lovely weekend. bring on the week ahead with a smile.

p.s obligatory owl illustration love it