Friday Favourites

This week i have been looking a lot of Art and Design. Some new inspiring people.

Johanna Basford - this lady is amazing. Scottish as well. She also Designed the front cover for last years Fringe Brochure using people suggestions. Shes a master with a ink liner. She also has a Blog here.

Hannah Waldron - I bookmarked this ages ago and when i was sorting through them the other day i rediscovered her. I love the style. It inspired me to try Geometric drawings and i love it, I'm at peace with my ruler. Blog

Eduardo Paolozzi - I have seen two of his exhibitions in my lifetime so far (and i know someone whose father used to lunch with him who was given a personal drawing). I'm attracted to anything collage like and colourful. I aspire to be able to make drawings this good in my life.

Samantha Hahn - I have only just discovered  this Illustrator. Very pretty. I love inks and watercolours.

I'm hoping to get out and take photos this weekend. That's if the weather allows. Still need to make a Val gift. Not really for any other reason than we haven't had a Valentines day together yet. Thinking of making mock Polaroids. See how the weekend pans out.