5 Things I Love Tuesday

1. These biscuits. I totally thought they were tiles at first. At the price they might as well be but they look amazing. They are called Delft Tile Cookies. Found here.

2. This print and other works from Hannah Waldron. She makes me want to get drawing.

3. These necklaces make me want to make my own. Something to add to my spring to make list found from A Beautiful Mess for their Red Velvet lookbook

4. I'm jealous of this ladies (Kaylah) baking skills. Love the rainbow colours. Makes me want to test out my baking. From the blog The Dainty Squid

5. Looking at photos of the lady i am named after Lana Turner. I was asked recently by an author how i felt being named after someone famous. There really is no answer. People rarely forget your name though.

This week is about getting back in touch with people. I'm preparing to write a few letters. Really exhausting writing. But it should be done. Also starting to declutter from 2010. prepare for the sun returning.