Sunday Im in love...

Just a few things i've found while looking about the interweb this week.

Russian dolls Owl stylee. Lovely.

This bag retails at a few hundred pounds. It's still really cool though.

i love the simplicity of this picture. But i bet it was a bitch to plan out.

I wish i could draw birds this well. Something to work on. Minus the thrills

I love these prints. The textures are nice.

Not been up to an awful lot this weekend. One of those things i guess. The BF wasn't feeling too great and i was kind of the same (but in boy speak they are obviously feeling worse). Seemed to have slept alot and not really made anything. But ive been doing alot of web searching for that inspiration. I've really got back into my drawing recently and looking to push that forward a bit and keep my crafts in the back burner. Not that i want to give up making, but i dont want it to take away what i really am good at in my heart.

i also want to fly this owl all the time.