new items 2011 added to folksy

Well its been a long time coming. I finally got round to uploading new items on my folksy. i have still to re-new my banner but that's working progress. I always get excited about new items because I'm showing a community what I've made. A community that i have learned alot from in the past 4 months. A community i hope to get to know a lot better in 2011. Coz lets face it it's a beautiful place to be. The people I've met so far through networking have been lovely and its nice to have a natter about making with someone with common interest.

So there you have it, my declaration to be more active in the craft community. And in that spirit I'm interviewing a fellow crafter who has been the most active in my making lifespan so far, and she deserves a wee spot in my humble blog.

Since i had such a productive day of craft related activities yesterday i have been seeing to neglected parts of our (mine and the BF's) flat(Nothing to do with my mum coming round in an hour of course). And playing with our Rabbit Mia. The sun was out, now I'm sitting with a crocheted blanket over me at our kitchen window with a cup of herbal tea writing some questions and blogging a bit before i continue. Its a cold job but someone got to do it. Loobyroux x