It's been a long time honey....

I have really neglected this lovely page of mine. I had an affair with another blog. I have now learned my lesson.

The last few months have been both great and confusing. My Folksy shop has taken off nicely. sold 20 items in 5 months. Im very pleased with that. As i took time away from it over the last few weeks. I have had time to think, and i decided to change the image of my Shop. It has felt like a rushed job since i opened it and i was getting confused with my identity, i wanted to stand back and actually think about what it is i want to sell and make that pushes me that bit further. So i have given myself some tasks to do for a fresh year. This being one of them.

Having a blog i can express more about what im about, rather than just a shop front. I have been looking through loads of lovely blogs with envy. It's such a nice thing to journal your interests in a visual way aswell as sharing things you have found with other like minded people. Im going to try my hardest to blog at least once a week and more when alot happens to be on my mind.
Through researching other peoples blogs i found myself bookmarking trends i liked and ideas for my own makes. And started to narrow it down to a few themes. I started to make prototypes and have yet to allow anyone to see them. Not incase they copy me. Just because they arent final.

I also invested in a wonderful book Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin. I have yet to start reading it as it arrived yesterday (new years eve) and i havent been in the fettle (a bit hungover) to read. I hope to bring in a lot of positive attributes to my blogging and my wee business and this book is highly recommended.

I have spent far too many months being confused about where i was going with Loobyroux, and organisation feels great. i even have a special folder for all my Folksy stuff now and intend on designing my business cards so i can spread the word. Alot of lists to make so better go.... Happy New Year, lets make a good one.