Interior Dreams

I am constantly looking for ideas to spruce up the flat. Although I'm restraining at the moment as we are desperate to move out. Our lease isn't up until summer so leaves a lot of hanging about. Toyed with the thought of shared equity in a new flat block. But with out current low income its not really something we can get excited about until it improves. I would love somewhere to let out my nesting urges of interior creativity. For now these are just lovely ideas I've found. enjoy.

I wish i could remember where i got these. I'm extremely bad at saving links at the moment. I love the collection of fawn/deer above the bed. I hope to have my owl collection like this one day.
i also love these plates. The way they are arranged on the wall is superb.

I love this idea. Puts all your yarns on display so you can find the colours and thickness easily.

I want a cozy living room with my own sofa (the BF can get his own sofa) love the style of this one.

My mum had a hi-fi like this one, and sadly i think she threw , or gave it away. I would love a old style hi-fi with all the random nobs and levels. Make the best sound as well. Screw you ipods!!!
This is the ultimate lounging, chill out area. Almost like a single bed turned into a nook. Its either this of i make a fort out of nice sheets. Could combine for amazing cozy nook!!!