day dreamer....

I really love Day Dreaming. I hate being told off for it even as an adult. Its one thing that is your own. No-one can ever see whats going on in your head. Not unless you make that dream a reality.

A dream I've been thinking about the past few weeks, is to own a wee shop full of acquired vintage objects and local crafts. a place to hang out and drink tea and meet up to do crafty sort of things. I know pretty much a dream for the lucky ones. But I don't see why i couldn't do it one day. I remember watching Black Books and really wanting to do that. Baring in mind that its fictional and they sit about drinking wine and smoking all day. You would never get away with that these days.

I've started to believe that positive thoughts do eventually come back to you in equal measure. I'm waiting on feedback from a current employment opportunity that would give me the experience to one day pursue this dream. I never thought about this as a significant element in my life pattern but the more i think about it the more i really believe things happen for a reason. Right lets not get bogged down in the deep moments.

I've been trawling through some shops and blogs i found online and it has made me both insanely jealous and inspired. I'll share one of each to keep it simple.

The Spider and the Fly

Extremely lovely quirky wee shop. I haven't visited it yet, but its my first stop when i get up to Edinburgh. I have however kept an eye on their blog Magpie and i weep at the images of all the amazing stock. I'd be honoured to hand over some of my creations, if i was ever asked (in my wildest dreams). It the kind of shop you can get lost in. So many things to look through. I cant wait to go in person. One day.

Tales of a jUnkaholic.

a lovely blog i have recently been following. An envious amount of market visits with the most amazing mixture of vintage finds. One of those blogs i spent a lot of evenings looking back through the timeline of entries. Its kind of the reason i got back into Blogging. I loved how it was laid out. The mixture of subjects. Not just about crafts or finding items at markets, but also a window into personal life. Also they have a wee shop of their own called Rust. Selling jewelry. Just beautiful. you can tell their personality is injected into the shop displays and character of the jewelry.

What inspires your dreams?