5 Things I Love Tuesday

1. Ghost World. A blast from the past. Obsessed with it this week.

2. I really want to learn how to make good cupcakes.
2.1 Since this is cake related it counts with the cupcakes :) yumsies.

3. Mustard yellow. particularly tights. I need to find a good pair. I bought a pair of culottes in this colour which i need to shorten. It's just nicer then luminous yellow.

4. I'm totally obsessed by indoor forts. I used to make them as a kid with my bunk beds and sheets. When we move into a bigger place I'm going to build my own.

5. Animal related head wear. I know everyone and their dog are wearing these things but i want to make my own. this place also make them at a reasonable price. They look amazing.

Here's to January already gone. Come on 2011, your moving way to fast for your own good. This week i have been drawing alot and trying to seek out contacts. Also alot of thinking being done. Need to get out with cameras soon and post up some of myself and the BF at our best.