5 Things I Love Tuesday

Valentines is round the corner and people are going mad for the love. I didn't have valentines last year so i plan to make something nice. Here's a few cute and special things i found on the t'internet this past week.

1. The BF loves Robots, i think this comic strip is adorable.

2. He uses MrBeard as a tag for most things. and he did once have a beard. I say i don't like beards but i secretly miss it on him.

3. I sometimes feel like an iphone widow, but he says when he gets an upgrade in a few months that i can have his old one. That's geek for i love you :)

4. This should say 'i just want to go home and play with my bunny' coz he always says that when i tell him that I'm playing with our rabbit Mia.

5. And of course 'I love my Dork' to pieces.