5 Things I Love Tuesday

1. i discovered this site a few months ago its called Things Organised Neatly, a brilliant site for
getting distracted, this image caught my eye as i used to lay out my painting materials not unlike this.

2. I just love this photo. I don't know where i found it but isn't it just lovely.

3. I just love this scene. putting up a tent inside and making it into a wee den. what a dream. like climbing under the duvet sheets.

4. I'm so jealous of the person who owns this weaving loom. it is so dinky i love it. Ive only ever used a very old massive loom, this is perfect sized. (from tales of a jUnkaholic)

5. i wish i had a dolls house when i was little. i had a cardboard box and that was it. how lame. one day maybe...

I'm currently sat in bed with a cuppa. most cozy and relaxing place in the evening. Scottish weather needs to have a word with itself.