10 things you maybe dont know about me

1. I used to play rugby. I know, whats that all about! I thankfully don't have any photos from this time but they're out there somewhere *shudder*

2. My Boyfriend is an aspiring Photographer. He takes photos of the most amazing things (me included :p). Which is handy when i need some product photos done. And i always have a new photo of myself. You can find more here

3. I wish i could drink coffee but i only like the smell. I see people only tv going out for coffee all the time, and it looks cool but unlike when i see people smoking on tv (i dont smoke alot but people on tv make me want to) i don't feel the need to actually drink it. I'm a proper Tea Jenny. I cant go a day without a cup of Earl Grey. I once had to drink pg tips for almost a week and i almost died. But it made that first cup amazing.

4. I love my bed. if i could work from bed i would.

5. Its funny how i love bed but I'm a really bad sleeper. I get very insomniatic at times. It can be helpful when i want to craft and make but also annoys my BF because he lies in bed alone most of the night.

6. I love Lasagna and make it almost every week. I think i used to read Garfield a bit too much as a child.

7. I often refer to myself as a human Magpie (its not really caught on apart from myself). I love collecting random objects. I've rarely fixated on one type of thing to collect, all colourful or pretty.

8. My name Loobyroux derives half from my mums nickname for me Looby, and i added on the roux part to make it my own. Initially it was only for Twitter purposes but its stuck for now. When i had a Myspace my name was Mrs Beast, its a title for the band Mogwai except it was Mr Beast. I still have a Myspace called L_Designs with drawings and stuff, started so long ago, i look so young in the photo.

9. I only buy books with a good designed cover.

10. I leave secret notes for the BF some of which he hasn't found yet :)