polaroid dream...

Ever since I was photographed in my hometown at age 9 by a polaroid camera i have been fascinated by the instant powers it holds over images. Yes digital does the same in many ways, but theres nothing more magical than a polaroid film developing in front of your eyes. I wish i still had that photo, im sure as with many of my childhood things it was lost in the years through creative driven scrapbooks of my little worlds. As you do when growing up go through phases of fascination.
I lost interest in using cameras in my teens and replaced that with drawing and painting. I think the household cameras of the 90s were uninspiring. In a way its scary to use one now as your not sure how well that image has turned out but thats half the fun and im hoping to also get my hands on one very soon, in this instance a little older than the ones i used as a kid but very exciting.
Anyhow recently myself and robo were stopping by my hometown and there was a carboot sale on in the 'Green' (large bit of grass funnily enough). Lovely sunny day. I could have bought many things. what we did find was firstly a fuji instant camera which is basically a polaroid but not as cool to look at. And and Square Shooter 2 a lovely beast which isnt actually able to take photos due to the type of film not being made anymore. but looks bloody cool. however the fuji is more than capable.
This has started a fever inside me to find myself a polaroid 600 series and use the Impossible Project film that is currently being made after polaroid went out of business in 2008. Its not perfect which is why im so excited to use it, the thing about polaroid which makes it so amazingly fascinating is its inconsistency. There are templates you can use to create a polaroid which is fair enough but its not the same in any way. Its still essentially digital.
Next time you take a digital photograph. Think about how you would cope without a preview. try taking photos and not looking at the image til you upload onto your computer. Brings a whole new skill to the art of photography that was lost in this digital age.