Five Things I Hope to Own In Next 5 Years....

Not your big dreams really. Nothing massive like a house or a good car. Im thinking more along the lines of things that appeal to my soul. My creative side so i made a 5 point list to share.

always wanted my own acoustic guitar. I have fostered a couple and had to hand them back. Id love my own beautiful guitar to call my own.

A Gocco Printer. Ive always loved printing. Ive done silk screen printing. And always had a love for all things print. Id love to be able to make invites or cards of my own through this medium.

A knitting machine. When i started Uni in Textile Design i used one of these. And when im sat knitting labourosly i think how quick and easy using this machine was. Yes not as handmade in theory. But to make something just as unique through trial and error in a fraction of the time has its total appeal.

Record Player. It doesnt need justification, records are amazing historical recording. I found an old player in the attic where i currently live, which isnt working but triggered that love for my childhood memories of records my mum and dad would play.

Type Writer. I recently saw an old type writer at a carboot sale and it immediately reminded me of when i was young with my own plastic one. And a short time a large old heavy metalic writer. Asthetically pleasing to look at and id love one.

what top five objects are your desires?