I have listed up an item on Folksy. Its quite exciting. Im going to put more on it over the weekend. But just having the balls to put one item up is immense. Just need to get my product out there. I shall keep you posted on my first sale if any. Lets hope so. I have christmas to look out for.
Loobyroux is my brand name now days and I have always kinda been aiming for that. I use it on my twitter and have started signing any art work with it. It partly a nickname my mother called me as a child and still does. So its kinda a tribute to her, minus the 'roux' part, as i added that for a bit of sophistication, if you can call it that. I love it. And its my personal identity kept intact.
As I say I shall keep posting until I one day find someone has took pity and bought something. :)