weekend of thrifting...

...this is a mixture between Peebles and Ayr. My favourite finds.
I love these buttons.they were 17p each in a little shop called The Wool Sak amazing little shop full of luxurious wool that i couldnt afford but wanted, so i settled for some cute buttons.
These were also in the Wool Sak. And as i love owls i couldnt resist.
Ive been looking for a decent amount of antique effect buttons to make hair pieces and brooches. I found these in a small jar filled to the brim. 5p a button. Bargain considering how much the plastic ones cost. Happy? Yes.
Ive also been on the look out for books, particularly old books in order to instill the wise old owl of past crafts into my system. These books were around about a pound each.
I love tiny details and i found these decorative roses in a basket for 50p.
I love this. It is obviously for a kitchen sink to place your rings whilst washing up. Maybe one day when i get married i will have a ring to place in their as well.
And the doily. I used to hate these things as a child, but oddly now they fascinate me. I bought a crochet needle recently and this just shows what i can learn. I want to attach it to a dress.
A lot of the stuff i find may be boring to some, but my mind has started to see things that i didnt think of before. I have always thrifted, but now i have a crafters out look this has totally changed. And its wonderful.