Creative Challenges

This week has been a tough one despite my creative buzz. My mood has been up and down and causing me to be sluggish. However i have discovered a few new things. About myself and about my own creative needs.

(organised chaos)

My environment affects me greatly so i went old skool, as it were. I remembered back to when i worked on college projects and even high school art. My floor was my creative refuge. Id pile up some pillow to sit on and allow things to spread around me at arms reach. Much better than the restrictions of a table. I found myself splattering paints and all sorts onto watercolour paper and using techniques i much loved in those days.

(first theme is 'Ivory')

I love finding new blogs and this week has been exceptionally good as i found an interactive creatively helpful blog course called Creative Boot Camp
I havent yet started as i plan to complete it with my friend as a distraction from the world cup and another excuse to just be utterly creative. I have taken one photo which represents the first themed day. however i plan to use paint for the duration as i have regretably neglected my need to paint. i cant wait to start and see where we get to by the end.

(NME picture: as titled by Robo)

Another venture is not only to motivate myself but also my other half into his photography. He has goals but he hasn't had the artistic learnings that i have (however little, i took art throughout school and college) and i decided id show him how i was taught to become my own artist. Ive taken it upon myself to create a list of themes for him to take photographs of. Not unlike what i'm doing in the Creative Boot Camp but i found inspiration for themes from a Polaroid Book we recently bought. Before digital age takes over i wanted to get him to the raw and basics of his art and thinking. Though he will be using a digital camera the themes will outline things he maybe wouldn't usually take in his day to day camera ponderings. Also teaching him how to keep a sketchbook/inspiration book.
i plan to keep myself up top date on my blog so i can look back and share with you my ventures.