5 things to be happy about this week...

Not an easy choice to make since my mood has not exactly been the best. I had to really dig deep.

1. Visit from my mum. Makes me smile inside and out.

2. New spark of inspiration. Im really driving myself to start a journal and im also following Creative bootcamp whilst the world cup is on to distract my dislike for it. I need to catch up but i cant wait for the challenge and the chance to keep my mind busy.

3. Listening to Twilight saga on audiobook. I have read the series so it is nice to be able to let someone else read it to me. Also nice to listen to it whilst im crafting.

4. Receiving new fabric and other materials through post. I love getting mail.

5. Rainy days. I know its mad to like them but i actually do after weeks of sun. The sound is almost therapeutic. And refreshing.