so summer is here...

..last week marked the start of the summer for me and this also meant that photography was bound to come out of it. Myself and my other half ventured to lindean reservoir, a small reservoir, but very lovely to walk around. The sun was shining and the air was bright. I took a couple of nice photographs using the hole in a piece of found bark. The results a rather pleasant surprise.

The forecast is hard to follow with so many let downs throughout the winter. However, when there is promise of a heatwave weekend what do you do. Of course, plan a beach trip. So as predicted the sun is soaring down and myself and Robo head off to Bamburgh Bay. The biggest beach i've witnessed in a long time. And also very nice sand wise. Nothing like feeling the sand between your toes after a winter with your feet in your socks and boots. The first day in the sun also means i am prone to sunburn rather than a sunkiss. So what happens, i get burned, and later, sunstroke. Lovely. Not all bad though as we enjoy at tasty BBQ and beer at Robo's parents later on.

On Sunday, myself and Robo went Kailzie gardens, near Peebles, to make the most of the weekend and take some floral photos, hopefully to hang on our walls as a reminder of summer. I found the owl (above) in the huge old greenhouses. Its by a local sculpture. Wish i could remember the name. I thought it was relevant that i take a photo. The flower is my favourite shot. Maybe not my best but i love the colours. Its close to a rainbow. That was a hard day taking photos. I was begining to feel the effects of the sun.
We stopped in Peebles as i noticed some charity shops open. We found a load of old VHS and i also acquired some embroidery books and a couple of records. All in all it was a lovely way to end the weekend. I hope i haven't bored you to death too much. I just love the summer.