looking for some inspiration...

Ive been taking time out from making recently. well thats not strictly true, i have made blinds for my new flat. But this is all practical, although i did enjoy doing it with the fabric i have used by Lotta Kulhorn. A very bright fabric which is perfect for the summer coming up. i have also used this to cover a cushion. i dont care what anyone says. Ikeas fabrics are incredible value for money. If you have the flare to make something your own then I dont see why you cant buy fabric from such a massive retailer knowing others will have the same, but with the confidence that your creation will be your own. I also have a new addition to my other halves side of the family on its way. I had the idea to make something for this wee soul. This has been extremely difficult to do however not knowing the gender and with just under 3 weeks to go im on to google for some inspiration. this is when i came across this site by grayhood of which i found their decoration within a nursery. Other parts of the site include their take on star wars characters which is worth a boggle.
My search goes on for the final creation. but i thought id make a pit stop at grayhood.