baby craft

There really is not continuity of light in these photos, but i thought id upload what i've been making last week and this weekend, mainly in the evenings. First photo is a baby blanket. Material i found in the children's section of IKEA with animals on it and the red floral fabric was donated to me by Holly June Smith, it was a dress originally and will go to a happy little baby. The story behind this spurt of baby production is my boyfriend is becoming an uncle in a few days and i only just realised what i should make for this new addition. So i have been a busy bee producing all these things to brighten up the babies life, and also a chance to introduce myself into a world of the baby, of which i am not very knowledgable. I really enjoyed making these and hope to keep making stuff for the wee soul as it grows up.
Soft play cube to go with the blanket.
Second blanket. Fabric acquired from local university fabric sale which occurs every year to raise funds forthe new designers of the textile college. Elephants became a running theme as you can see.
Elephant soft toy, one side...
...and the other side.
This is detail i sewed onto a body suit to quirk it up. i have two more to do and will do along the same lines.
As i said i really enjoyed making these gifts and i hope you enjoyed having a look.