10 things im obsessed with right now...

1. One Pearl Button. This lovely lady Alli has been a great source of inspiration for me lately during my creative block. I cant pick just one thing to explain how much i love her blog. I aspire to have as many skills as her one day.

2. Collecting Fabric. I'm so lucky that Robo isnt bothered by the amount of craft and art supplies i own, as i am moving in with him at the moment. The collection keeps on growing as i acquire more fabric. I am definitely a human magpie. I did start studying a textile design course, however i have natural impatience and university wasnt for me, so im on my own terms, and long to design my own fabric so that i dont drown in other peoples. So therefore i need to create more crafts to conteract this. Oh dear. But i love fabric so much!!!

3. Moving House. Stressful isnt the word. I'm no stranger to moving. I remember moving to Swindon when I was about 2, then back up to Scotland. A long way i tell you. Im so happy I'm moving in with a boyfriend this time, because as much as i enjoyed flatmates, they are easy to let you down. I dont think Robo had any idea how much stuff I actually had. As ive said im a magpie. Luckily we have been doing car runs every week for the last month so only one more load to come. Cannot wait to have it all done as i signed the paperowork yesterday.

4. Carbooting and Charity Shops. It has recently come into fashion. However, I have been doing it since i can remember. From my mum dragging me around the shops and waking up at the crack of dawn to selling old toys at carboots. I know one thing I'm jealous of, Americans for their thrifting opportunities. Dont get me wrong charity shops are great and for a good cause, but alot of them are getting to be more like actual clothes shops. I know one thing though i will never stop shopping in them. They are great for inspiration and eclecticism.

5. Birds. If you have followed my earlier blog entries i have loved owls and birds for a while now. i think now it has become an obsesssion and thank god that places such as Ikea have a range of fabrics at good prices with birds because i cant get enough. I will blog about my birthday present i recently purchased for myself. Craft stuff in general makes me weep in delight. Makes me happy to have new ideas to create birds.

6. Finding New Blog Sites. I already mentioned One Pearl Button, however once i have a little check up i find myself clicking on links and the web continues. I never want to stop. There is so much talent out there and a lot to aspire to.

7. Mia. Our little 4 1/2 month old Mini Loop rabbit. She makes me smile everyday. And i think everyone needs a pet of some sort in their life.

8. VHS. I acquired a player last year and i have been collecting videos since. all the classic films are out there you just need to find them. I absolutely love old films. I think thats why i havent been to the cinema in at least 4 years.

9. Listening To Groove Armada - Blacklight. Album of the year for me and soundtrack of the summer.

10. Finally. Organising Creative Thoughts. I have recently made an inspiration folder and it works as i can categorise my finds so that i can find them easily again. I can easily loose train of thought so it is an essential tool for me. also plan to make a mixed media sketchbook to get back into my roots. cant wait to start it all.

Todays Obsession is making a dress for birthday gathering out of black and white dotty fabrics. I'm in love already. Best say hello to my sewing machine.