Fremsley, makes mrcheapskate the next urban pirate

So, in reply to mrcheapskates kindness (sending me doodles and such) i had to come up with something in return. This afternoon my gift was recieved with great joy. The back story is simple. alot of his doodles involve a bird with spectacles on, and when he working on drawings for his job he often jokes about adding one to the drawing. I began by googling 'plush birds' and trawled through the images for ideas, finally came across the type of bird that was like the ones from his drawings, and wasn't too hard to replicate by hand. I went into it blindly. I dont have any formal training in the making of such things. But I can use a needle and thread, and have an eye for detail. It is no way a a neat job that i do, but i dont aim to make things look shop mass produced. That's the point of handmade. Imperfection. Character. Unique.
Anyway I am glad that mrcheapskate liked his gift. He couldnt stop smiling apparently. Which is good to know. I helped a woman lastnight in a good deed and made her smile and I made him smile today. Maybe I should aim to make someone smile everyday by my actions. However there is nothing more pleasing than making someone smile with something that you made yourself. Thats why I love doing it so much. I take great joy in doing it and greater joy when someone loves what I have made.
Heres a link for more of mrcheapskate and his photo of Fremsley.